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Therapy is a great way to support your emotional well-being and help you reach your goals.  Whether you are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety or relationship issues, therapy can help you navigate through these difficult times.  

Grow Your Vision

The way we deal with our feelings in the present is influenced by our own childhood experiences and the coping skills we used.  I believe that in order to understand how to grow and become the best versions of ourselves, we need to delve into our past and discover how the coping skills that worked for us at one time in our lives is no longer serving a purpose and need to be replaced with healthier  ways. 

About Me


I am a licensed mental health counselor looking to help you work through your issues and become a the person you want to be.  I specialize in working with women and men who are experiencing  anxiety, depression and relationship struggles. Working together, we can achieve your goals. As Ed Mylett says, "life is the quality of our emotions"

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